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I've experienced Bigfoot, Dogman, Strange Lights, unnamed entities and Hauntings. If you'd like to do this with me, I'd love to have you.

As a successful TV and Radio Broadcaster, I realized there were also passions outside of my career. I have a knack for finding the unknown. Now I combine that knack with the love of my career to take you with me to Earth's Creepiest Hotspots of Bigfoot, Dogman, Strange Lights and hauntings via live stream so you can investigate alongside me.

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Ready to do this with me? Introducing Blue Rock Talk TV.

Project: Creepy Hotspots

Want to Investigate Earth's Creepiest Hotspots we me? We're talkin' 3-5 nites camping in active Hotspots of Bigfoot, Dogman and Strange Lights. Or 10-12 hours Investigating a Haunting. You are there with me via Live Stream!



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FarOut Thursday

Want to learn and talk with Alien Abductees, UFO Hunters and Psychic Spies? I've got monthly Live chats with top Peeps in these fields and more.. You participate from the live chat!

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Bigfoot Friday

Want to learn from and talk with top researchers of Bigfoot and Dogman? I've got monthly Live chats with Bigfoot researchers discussing and displaying their finds. You participate from the live chat!


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